When is Book 2 coming out?


You can expect the second instalment, The Bow of Oneiroi, in April 2017.


How many books are there going to be in The Sign of the Four series?


I’ve planned the series as five books.


Where did you get the idea for The Sign of the Four series?


I apologize in advance for the length of this reply. Anyone who knows me knows I am incapable of telling a short story.


As cliché as this may sound, the root of the series came to me in a dream: I dreamed of a girl, who looked an awful lot like me, being trapped in the Land of Nowhere. Now, I’ve always had very vivid, and often very cool dreams admittedly, but this one was particularly interesting because it was one of the first truly original images/scenes that I had ever seen. Most of the time when I dream, they’re regurgitated visions of something I’ve seen or read (movies, books etc.) and when I wake up I can recognize where that dream came from. For this particular dream I remember waking up, thinking where the heck did that come from? What’s more, I really wanted to know what happened to this girl who was trapped in this weird place with a brilliant cloud of light and crazy elemental tunnels.


So the next morning I started writing about “the girl”. I didn’t even give her a name yet, but suddenly her whole back story started forming in my mind and from then on the story just grew. I’d be in class and an idea would come to me, I’d be waiting at a bus stop and characters would surface in my mind until lo and behold I had a whole story plot made up!


How did you decide on the names for Evelyn and Jerris?


Both decisions were actually super hard for me. I’m incredibly particular about naming things, because once I name them they become so integral to their identity. The best way I can describe it is when I first write a character they’re like a shell of a person, I have a vague physical description, but their face is blurry and the words they say don’t have a distinct voice in my head. Once I name them, the face becomes clear and then it’s like they’re a person I know.


Back to the original question, how I picked the names. Firstly, for Evelyn, there is actually a special meaning behind the name, which I don’t want to reveal yet, and secondly I took it from one of my favorite movie characters from The Mummy. Her last name Leighton was taken from a painter I am very fond of.


Jerris was the hardest to name because I knew I couldn’t choose just any regular name that people were already familiar with. The accolades must go to my sister Athena (see, I told you I would give you credit). We were brainstorming names, throwing ideas around and Jerris was one of the names she came up with. It didn’t really resonate with me at first, but that night I had a dream of a scene with him in it and in the dream Evelyn called him Jerris and I woke up and was like “that’s his name!” People often wonder why I love sleeping so much and the truth is my dreams solve most of my problems! haha


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